Colorimetry as we do it

Creativity is essential in planning activities. Join us to boost your imagination and expressiveness!

We cannot live without colours. Engineers not only make plans, but they have to be creative as well. To develop this skill it is vital to understand how colours work.
Besides theory it is necessary to be able to play with colours in practice as well. That’s why we offer our foreign students a pragmatic course where the dynamics of using and mixing colours is an exciting experience. These hands-on lessons open up a new world for you: the colour circle, as the foundation of this venture takes you into the world of scales and tones, tints and shades, scales and the combination of them all.

Water based paints, tempera, guache, brushes, scissors, glues, rulers and paper are the basic materials to create wonders like the fundamental contrasts i.e. hue, light-dark, cold-warm, complementary, analogous, saturation, and extension.
Beyond the art of mixing colours the students can also create their own free colour compositions. Getting familiar with the colour scales of the paintings of Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Matisse and Csontváry – among others – help the course participants to develop their own design by using harmonious colours.

Prof. Kelecsényi Csilla DLA